Home Remedies for toothache

Whatever the cause of the tooth pain ( or toothache), it is very painful and unbearable. Due to toothache, many times headaches and even swelling on the face. In such a situation, you can neither eat nor sleep. Toothache can occur at any age and its intensity also varies. Toothache, tooth decay, molars, teeth infection due to infection, gum disease, etc.,


10 best Home remedies in Hindi poem

We are spending hours and thousands of rupees or dollars on our fitness and health, but these small life hacks (home remedies ) can help u to get rid of all the problems that give you a hard time.All these methods are tested and still used by thousands of people since the century of Ayurveda. These Hindi poem or Doha are not written by me, These written by many famous scholars or Rishi Muni. So kindly used and get the benefit.